My Debut Experience With #MyFriendAlexa by @Blogchatter

I want to learn a new thing every time I do a blogging challenge. Blogging is a platform that allows me to learn and think unconventionally. I have great faith in “Blogchatter” – a platform that supports bloggers from every genre. I am happy to connect with some amazing bloggers who helped me at every point of my blogging journey. I’m back in blogging again with my debut in #MyFriendAlexa by Blogchatter.

From 1 September, I participated in the biggest blogging campaign #MyfriendAlexa and I was writing my posts in Hindi. Hindi makes me more clear and alert and Hindi keeps my content clear and I have shared my mind and heart to keep my life simple and important, and unnecessarily stop complicating it with English is. Let us focus more on the aspects that make life important, memorable and admirable.

The ranking of your blog/website in India or worldwide and it depends on website traffic and engagement. The lowest For, for example, in my blog was “No India Rank” in August 2019. #MyFriendAlexa played its magic and within a month without a rank, I arrived at 18584.

Today I want to express my experience/reflection to #MyfriendAlexa

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in #MyfriendAlexa hosted by
I follow daily reading lists honestly. Salute to #Myfriendalexa for campaigning in such an organized manner and uniting hundreds of bloggers around the world.

Some of my social commitments kept me very busy last month but I am thankful for my instinct and #Myfriendalexa which inspired me to complete my daily tasks.

During the month of September, I wrote 15 posts on my blog and read over 245 other blogs. I wish I could have given more time to study.

I also want to thank my fellow bloggers and Mentor Leha and Geethika on this occasion for guiding me.

And when my site was down, I wanted to thank all of you who were with me and empowered me.

I am so lucky to meet and get to know some new fellow bloggers

Kinshoo, Pallavi, Shreeya, Aditi, Suchita

And old friends

Noor, Pragnya, Neha, Priyal, Pooja and Pragun.

And love to all my fellow bloggers who read, write and comment on my blog.

Read my blog for #MyFriendAlexa Season 4 here.

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s  #MyFriendAlexa

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