#GeetTurns3 – She



Today , I got up in the morning and found her smiling at me .

her smile was full of glee.


I can read her moods and the best one was this smiling face.

her one look made my heart race.


This is the one powerful habit which keeps me going,

and with her i feel mind blowing.


Somedays are good others are super good,

With her every day is like lovehood.


yesterday only i cleared all the mess and today again

she was screaming again.


Somthing is cooking in her mind

may be today’s day become more kind.


giving up what you love it’s not her style

she is always the reason of my smile.


Hello “Geethica” ma’am it was for my wife

Poetry and she both are my life.


Wish you a good luck on #GeetTurns3

I am sorry that I write so little but i am not free.


I wish I can do more with your celebration

but Never say never I should pay soon for this situation.


This post is a part of Blog Anniversary celebrations of Thoughts by Geethica Turns 3 co-hosted by Zainab and Ashvini.

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8 thoughts on “#GeetTurns3 – She

  1. Thank you Anurag for your best wishes. I liked your creativity of mixing all the prompts and write a beautiful piece of art.
    Do join in whenever you get time because blogging to be enjoyed and not forced upon.

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