Book Review : My unspoken reflections – by Meenal and Sonal.


My unspoken reflections is a compilation of short stories by Meenal and Sonal. Meenal and Sonal illustrate each piece with imagination. Eighteen stories of life and experience, all heard freely …

Imaginative and touching, my unspoken reflection is an excellent collection of short stories, which is written with insights and sympathy.
The characters are flexible but real.
In “Scary Speed“, a boy with a culprit who is over his speed over.
True bonding” defines a new meaning of the family in the author. His story becomes more opaque and resonated.
In “Astounding Confidence ” we learn that for some time we have to leave everything behind for the best possible reason.
In “Past Attachment” the author successfully conveys that “if there is any desire then there is a way”
It’s a glimpse of this powerful collection. In its darkness, often lonely, there is a power, a glow, and a shine that shakes and makes magic.
These stories contain a place where humans are dividing into different emotions and how they adapt to change;
The series of stories tells the life and needs of the characters living in and around India. In this collection, the feelings, emotions are imbued with their own heart. Meenal and Sonal write with life force and passion, which allows these authentic stories to get a glimpse of hope.

The two stories I liked the most are “Scary speed” and “Astounding Confidence“. Where the scary speed is most related to me, the same incident happened with me a few years ago but I survived. And astounding confidence is a very thoughtful and creative story and I find it amazing.

Why Read My unspoken reflections?

1 If you like short stories
2. If you want to be inspired
3. If you can see every aspect of life.
4. If you are a book lover.

Other aspects:

Cover: Simple and quiet without any showoff, a decent looking.

Writing: A Simple yet Effective Written Tales Say a big deal in small things Writing is very effective.

The book has 25 pages and 18 stories.

Altogether, a large collection of stories with a special touch of special effects. Must read stories.

About the Author:

The pair of Meenal and Sonal blogging sisters is an ideal combo and caters to each other’s desire to spread the positivity and smiles. Pairing with poems and ideas with heart is excellence in the pair. This is the third book of the spirited team, where
‘Tangled Relationships Still Sweet’ was the first e-book in which relationships and its various aspects and “Parenting – an abstract surprise” was talked about
Shared 26 Smart Parenting Tips For New Age Parents
Expressing positive thoughts, which revolve around the readers’ mind, this pair brought the third ebook of micro-fiction stories. Peek at your blog AuraOfThoughts to discover the world with a new angle in every aspect.
Minimal Mathur, MCA, Blogger, Mother, passionate writer, web designer, music lover believes that life is a kaleidoscope because we change it to create a colourful pattern.
Like to experiment and welcome changes.
Sonal Mathur, B.Tech (CSE), Blogger, Content Writer, Eid Pathak, Mingal, loves to be eagerly obsessed and speaks of his heart as a motivational chair. Treat every aspect of life as a guru and discover new areas with enthusiasm.

You can find them on social media @AuraOfThoughts handles.

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