Book Review : Iztiraar By Akash Rumade



‘Growing old is inversely proportional to the number of friends you make or have… Get-together has just become a gathering of people discussing how much one has climbed the multi-dimensional social ladder.’

  1. Iztiraar is a compilation of 9 good short stories written by Akash Rumade. Most of the stories are set in the semi-urban background that will make you hold your breath with awe.

Akash wrote some very catchy stories which are the most sensible and powerful ones. If he wasn’t sure which reasons were the ones that mattered most, it would be hard to stay motivated to write.

These stories are highly motivational and well researched. Writers are from different species and when you read “Iztiraar” you will realise that the writing is their worship.

Akash is such a dedicated writer that his whole life revolves around it. and in this book, you will find her dedication and passion for writing.

If you like reading good stories then my friend this is the book. Do read it.


About The Writer :

Akash Rumade is a professor by day and poet by night. He hails from Roha which is in the Konkan area of Maharashtra. He has been a part of numerous anthologies as a short story contributor, poet and also played the role of Editor in Chief for few. Currently, he still lives in his hometown Roha and has a passion for writing haikus.


His works are available on Instagram at – akash_rum



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