Blogchatter A2Z challenge 2020 :Theme reveal

The 2020 started with WW3 Threat – Aussies Fire and after that #CoronaVirus is hanging on humanity….

The nature is taking revenge but stay safe stay healthy.


Blogchatter A2Z Challenge 2020: Theme reveal

I am participating once again in the Blogchatter challenge 2020.

Blogging from A to Z April (2020) Challenge is just around the corner.

As you know, Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is an annual mega blogging event where bloggers from all over the world write posts from A to Z, every day in April except Sundays!

This challenge is a great way to connect with bloggers over a shared passion and that’s writing.

“I participated last year, it was my debut and I was pretty much excited about my participation because it is a challenge of 26 days, I never did continuous writing of 26 days before last year so that was the thrilling experience for me.

Here are my Post collection of 2019

You can check here:


This year I am coming with theme 

” Wonder Women“.



What is this all about? Well, Well its surprise, Read my posts and find out.

For now, I can only share, this is going to be poetry as usual and all about 26 aspect of women from my POV.

For More Detail ..Check the link!

I am very much kindled and looking forward to the challenge.

You can also participate in this writing jubilation.

For details, the link is here.

Here are the event updates!

Fill the form and submit for registration.

See you there on 1 April. Best wishes!


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