Coffee with Anurag – Part VI with Amina Najmi

Today I’m pleased to be sharing Coffee with Amina Najmi. 

She is a B.A. Honors 1st year student residing in Udaipur (Rajasthan). She aspires to be a novelist and poetess. She has been writing since past 6 years. Her key genres are about love and its consequences, also personifying inanimate articles. She also write for landscapes, portraits and content writing for websites. She is thankful to her parents and friends who have supported her through thick and thin in her writing career.

Read on below to find out more about Amina

1.When did you start writing and what do you think attracted you to poetry?

I started writing 4 years back in 2015. The thing that made me interested in writing was my father’s poetry which got published in an esteemed book of poetry which was written for my mother.

2. Do you think poetry has a purpose? Is there something particular that good poetry ought to do?

Yes, poetry does have a purpose. A poetry should impact its reader in a positive manner. The underlying meaning should create a change in the reader for the betterment of their well-being.

3. Which poets or poems most inspire you?

 ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost is a poem which has deeply impacted my life. Since then my journey of poetry started. It taught me that choosing a less traveled path can be fruitful and we should attempt something different and we don’t always need to be mediocre. And the other poet is of course my dad, from whom I have learnt to write about the love genre.

4. Do the Internet and social media contribute to the well-being of poetry?

Yes, they do. If a person is ready to accept a wide range of feedbacks as criticism and appreciation the best platform to discover is social media. Just the family or peer group shouldn’t be the only one’s we share our poetry with, the sky is the limit.

5. How important is accessibility of meaning? Should one have to work hard to “solve” the poem?

As a poetess I believe the poetry should have an underlying meaning. Poetry is written to convey something secretly with beauty, if we had to say something plain we could have just said it, right?

Rapid Fire

1.         Current relationship status :  Single! Having crushes

2.         Coffee, tea, neither, or both? : Coffee

3.         5 people you love the most : Mom, Dad, Sister, Best friends & Myself 

4.         Something that annoys you : Annoying people who talk too much.

5.         Smell you love : Bukhoor

What do you think?

Make me smile………leave a comment or question.

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Instacuppa- My marriage saver

Last week I had a small fight with my wife and she threw her favourite water bottle on me. I ditched it and the bottle crashed on the wall. After seeing the condition of her bottle she started crying. I told her it just a bottle so don’t cry! I will arrange a new one.

She looked fiercely to me and said it is an insulated Detox water bottle from the USA sent by her brother and if I can arrange something similar or a better bottle in next 3 days then only she would serve me food, else I have to order it from restaurant. I was so upset and disturbed that day. I had no idea what to do.

That night I opened my Instagram feed to check for bottles – I am using this medium these days for my shopping/product reviews. I read about InstaCuppa Detox Double Walled Glass Bottle Infuser.

I loved the reviews and I instantly ordered InstaCuppa Detox Double Walled Glass Bottle Infuser. Along with Thermos Green Tea Detox Bottle it helps to brew the green tea perfectly. Because I am member of Green Tea Squad. I love my tea to be tasty and amazing. I gifted that bottle with chocolates to my wife. She said the bottle is looking great but can you prove it better than the previous one.

I explained to her about InstaCuppa and it has range of ergonomic, BPA-free, lightweight and durable accessories. It also helps to enjoy healthy drinks anytime and anywhere in a comfortable way. The InstaCuppa bottles are premeditated to keep the beverages fresh and cool for a long period. This detox water bottle has manifold uses as it helps in preparing various beverages and refreshments in easy steps with the help of its infuser and also keeps drink fresh and healthy. Tea made in InstaCuppa Detox Double Walled Glass Bottle Infuser is great as the polyphenols present in the tea help to detoxify the body. It can also be used for infusing fruits, herbs, and vegetables. It helps to retain freshness. It comprises neoprene carry sleeve reduces the “bottle sweat” and helps to hold the bottle conveniently. It can also be used for infusing fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

After knowing all these benefits, my wife was speechless as she is a total health freak person and she hugged me instantly and said sorry for throwing bottle on me and we had a hearty laugh over it.

Thank you Instacuppa for saving my marriage.

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5 Movies I like

Last week I bought Instacuppa green tea infuser and for showing off my possession I arranged a party with my Green Tea Squad.

During the party I told them about Instacuppa products and advantage of my instacuppa Green tea infuser that brings a spread of engineering, BPA-free, light-weight and sturdy room instrumentality and accessories that assist you get pleasure from your healthy drinks anytime with minimum effort. The InstaCuppa bottles are designed in a very manner that keeps your beverages contemporary for an extended time and additionally enables you to prepare contemporary beverages in a simple method. This detox bottle has manifold uses because it helps in making ready numerous beverages and refreshments in simple steps with the assistance of its infuser and additionally keeps your drink fresh and healthy. 

Then we discuss about movies that is non commercial and a conventional Superhit

1. A Wednesday 

A Wednesday’ is a brave try that makes a piece of writing concerning the social and political material of Bharat. In the recent past, many Hindi movies have treaded along this path and sought to bring in a revolution in at least the way people think about issues. ‘A Wednesday’ may be a welcome addition to that league. It mocks the government, reminding of the duties it ought to be performing as the caretaker of the common people. Another thumbs up for showing the power of the common man and stating in no uncertain terms that religion is secondary to nationality. And the better part is that everyone this social comment is not preachy so to speak. All this is a byproduct of an engrossing edge of the seat thriller with great performances by veterans – Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. Even the lesser knowns – Jimmy Shergill, Aamir Bashir and Deepal Shaw shine in impactful roles. A well-scripted affair; it’s some masala and sleazy lines that has enough juice to urge the sub-urban plenty whistling. It caters to each Indian — Niche or Urban and will not be incomprehensible.

2. Parched

A story of 4 women, their lives and hope to breathe in this cruel men dominated society. Each of them struggles in their own demons and stage their own personal war, the story depicts the dark side of society. This movie is a true reflection on womanhood who are mistreated about love, sex and their dreams in their life. Parched is a movie to prevail in this social barrier. There is only 1 factor that creates a lady glow, even amid the colourful colours, sparkling jewellery, moonlight swims, romances, the comfort of friends, wind in her hair and lights of a fair at night. It has to do with her repressed dreams. In a desert landscape where the status dignity vastly favours men, she thirsts in more ways than one. Everyone, men and ladies, is in a hurry to grow and glow, nevertheless, they typically fail to be human 1st. A single mamma, abused mate, titillating dancer, child-bride and freshly arrived migrant decide to rise on top of their fears and kindle joy in their lives.

3. Nil Bate Sannata

A very realistic, inspiring and mind-boggling movie, we all know what great role does a mother play in one’s life, in this movie mother goes beyond to make her daughter’s career and fulfill her dreams to make her daughter successful in her life, this movie show us the brighter side of social awareness about the girl child education. Wonderful movie showing a beautiful relationship of a mother-daughter and a teacher

4. Khosla Ka Ghosla

This should be undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood movies. The film revolves around a really realistic plot and depicts the dreams, anxieties and helplessness of the common man. I truly believe, these are the sort of films that got to be created more typically in Bollywood. The kind which reflects on everyday life and makes you think while having a good laugh. Running around trees and the alps do nobody no good. Acting by Anupam Kher and Boman Irani is just mind-blowing.

5. Dasvidaniya

I noticed that I had a little smile throughout the picture thanks to the touching scenes and also the method the plot unfolds, a touch slow though.. However still value a watch. The cast has a lot of common from Bheja Fry, and Rajat Kapoor has done a good crisp performance. The most interesting thing is the way the one shows how we think when we know that we are about to lose the very essence of our life and have nothing to offer or take however simply smart reminiscences and smart can. I would suggest a watch, and you may not feel it absolutely was a waste of some time. 

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How to survive travelling with kid (in train)

Long trips with kids aren’t always fun filled. But they are possible, and at times even enjoyable. It is true that the vacation starts the minute you leave your house.

If you are on a long journey via Train you have to remember the following important points

  1. Pack a small bag that contains some extra change of clothes, Diapers, a toothbrush, and anything else you need for that day and night. It will be much easier to have a small bag.
  2. Take your toddler’s blanket and pillow. This is extra important if your trip includes an overnight journey. Kids feel comfortable in their own stuff, particularly at sleeping time in a new place.
  3. You can also carry some homemade snacks because kids can easily attract by junk food in train. As we all know too well, eating gives you something to do. Be careful, though, getting your kids filled up may backfire. Pack some healthy items, and don’t worry about them.
  4. Babies and toddlers spill, drops and spit up. Keep a roll of paper towels and a box of wipes in the front seat for easy cleanups. Keep a garbage bag handy too.
  5. Remember to keep some cow/buffalo milk by own because packaged milk can be very dangerous in travelling and it can make your kid ill.
  6. Fight with the boredom. Thanks to toddler-friendly apps, there is no ought to have a toy chest into your baggage when travel, however the most compact style of amusement may be a device loaded with apps and games. Be sure to load some kid’s favorite songs onto your mobile device with headphone with gentle earbuds, and a few tickling games go a long way toward distracting a cranky baby or a bored toddler.
  7. Try to tune out the tears of your kids. There may come a point where no amount of singing, snacking, or engaging will do and your child wants out of the Train, now. How to deal? If your child isn’t hungry or wet, remind yourself that he’s safe in the Train and won’t die from crying. Eventually, he’ll stop or fall asleep.
  8. Keep an eye on a child outside more than the house because the children are busy in the same things seen at home but when they go out and see new things, try to catch them, they try to escape. Don’t lose them from your eyes or they can be lost.
  9. Keep the copy of the Aadhar card or slip of the phone number of someone like mom papa grandmother always in the pocket of their clothes, so that if they get lost somewhere, it will be easy to find them.
  10. Keep them away from any stranger. Do not eat anything or let them eat anything from strangers.
  11. Pack baby items separate because children’s clothes are small and are quickly lost in big bags.

Last but not the least Always Keep InstaCuppa Travel mug infuser Thermos  handy. This Travel mug is very useful in travelling with kids as Quality is good; temperature (hot or cold) is maintained for about 5-6 hours. Steel quality and the plastic material is very good and the lids provided for easy operation. And can be carried easily in a backpack. Other than this reason, this is absolutely fantastic. It is very comfortable and easy to use.

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Blogging is Fun

I’m writing this post for some inexplicable reason (I am currently chocolate high from eating far too much of Dark Chocolate)

Is blogging fun? One of my friends asked me that recently and I made me upset. But then I realised that she really has no idea about it or what I do.

I met my friend for lunch. She asked me how was my morning.

I said “I spent most of it writing a blog post”.

Do you know what she inquired me?

“Oh … blogging, is that fun?”

Now, let’s put it in this kind of perspective.s

Would you ask your Teacher – “Oh … teaching, is that fun?”

Or your milkman – “Oh … milking, is that fun?”

Of course not.

Everyone fancies the professions they select, don’t they?

When you work at something no one asks you if it’s fun, because they know you are doing it for yourself. But blogging is a different story.

I would say it 50% fun and 50% hard work. I love it. It feels great to convert your thoughts into the blog. There are a lot of reasons why people blog, some do it for self expression, others to share their views and opinions and some to make money.

I started my blog a year ago and it helped me to find my voice. I have always known to be a shy person, of course, I had a voice and I have always been quite self-centered person but it’s one thing to have all these thoughts swirling in my head and quite another to put pen to paper (or in my case, fingers to keyboard), share them with someone else and actually have a speech regarding whatever random thoughts are in my head. There’s one thing quite empowering regarding it that I can’t quite put my finger on however whatever it’s, it feels sensible.

Blogging keeps me updated – The thrill of discovery is always present.  I have acquired a huge quantity of information from blogging. I have learned things I have always wanted to but thought would be ludicrously laborious to unless I had many years of training.

Blogging widened my horizons – It allows me to think differently.  As a writer I see things as words and emotions that needs to be expressed!  Writing has allowed me to open my mind to everything I see.I do not and I cannot limit my thoughts to just one idea. I was not a creative person – someone who cant draw, sing, play any kind of musical instrument. Blogging made me creative. I can now create blank pages into content that thousands of individuals browse daily, and dude that’s pretty amazing. Imagination and creativity is a must and with writing you can mix words and thoughts and images. 

Blogging opened up the doors to new friendships–  I love the reactions and the sharing that goes on in the comment space of my blog.  I learnt new things from my readers when they share their experiences and the learning.  I became even closer to the people I converse with on Twitter when they started engaging with me my posts.

I love that my blog is reason of my writing existence. I have a full time job in the corporate sector which gives me a hectic schedule and to squeeze some time out for blogging amidst this flurry of activities is therapeutic for me. Sometimes it does turn very difficult to take out some “me” time for writing but when I do get it I treat it as a method to channel the way I’m feeling at completely different points in time and lets me handle my emotions befittingly.

I always smile when I read my posts made people feel good and something positive has happened after reading it. Blogging is my escape from the stress that I encounter a lot at my office. Give me my wordpress blog and I am already smiling and eager to pen down.

No matter what your owns reason are for blogging, trust me you should do it because it’s fun!

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why I love Green Tea

There’s nothing as refreshing and relaxing as a cup of tea. It’s my favourite hot drink by a long way and one I look forward to every day. I drink Green tea daily. It is a healthy beverage that can count towards my fluid intake for the tea, nice to know in colder weather. Green Tea has theanine, a natural amino acid, which helps me switch off distractions and focus on the job at hand, like writing this post.

Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves. It was discovered in China, but its production spread to many countries in Asia. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks, full of antioxidants and nutrients that have great benefits for the body. It boosts brain function, fat drop and lowers the risk of cancer  The twist is if you can not make proper green tea then effects of it may vary.

I’m not saying that all you have to do is drink green tea and all of your health concerns will suddenly melt away, but it would be nice to know how green tea is so good for you, and more importantly, why.

Drink tea and be smarter! Sound too good to be true? Until last year, the effects of green tea on cognitive function were speculative, but with the improvements in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), could view the increased connectivity in the cortices of the brain after consumption of green tea. Specifically, green tea drinkers showed increased connectivity in key parts of the brain associated with memory.

Green tea is full of antioxidants, is good for both the heart and brain, and can help fight cancer, so why shouldn’t we drink it?

There are 4 types of green tea I usually make

1. NORMAL BLEND : Boil the water and after boiling, remove it from stove and put green tea leaves and leave it for 2 minutes then filter it and it is ready. This is very normal way to prepare the green tea you may add honey if you don’t like its taste in actual form.

2. LEMON BLEND : Boil the water, during the boiling process add Lemon drops, Black salt and Hajmola (this will kill astringents) as per your taste. Add green tea leaves after removing from stove. This will add taste in your tea.

3. LEMON AND HONEY BLEND : Make it like normal blend and add honey and lemon afterward, have it in the morning and you will feel light whole day.

4. MILK BLEND : If you are fond of milk you can make it like regular tea as well.

These are some Green tea preparation recipe styles from my side.

INSTACUPPA has products for you to enhance your Green tea experience.

InstaCuppa Green Tea Detox Bottle — Double Walled Glass Edition.

The glass bottle is created of a double-walled glass material. The heat-resistant construction makes it ideal for creating hot or cold  brews. The bottle has multipurpose uses. Featuring associate degree infuser, it can be used for infusion of tea, coffee or fruits. It can be used for storing traditional water too. The filter infuser is made of stainless steel material. It allows for a choice of infusion methods. You can build tea by mistreatment loose-leaf tea or tea baggage. It can also be used for infusing fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

If you haven’t jumped on the green tea bandwagon yet, here are some reasons why you should.

  1. Green tea is low in caffeine. It has an average of 15-25 milligrams per gram of tea.
  2. Bottled tea does not provide the same benefits as brewed tea. Generally, some antioxidants are lost in the bottling process.
  3. Green tea can help you wind down after a long day. It contains the amino acid L-Theanine (γ-glutamylethylamide), which promotes relaxation of the nervous system.
  4. Green tea does not endure a fermenting process and is one of the “least processed” types of tea.
  5. Green tea is linked to the prevention of mortality due to cardiovascular diseases, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  6. Consumption of green tea can lower your “bad” cholesterol.
  7. Although green tea has been touted as a necessity for weight loss, studies have actually shown its effect to be small.
  8. Green tea may be helpful in the prevention of inflammation and the regulation of skin cell production.
  9. Green tea can be taken as a supplement in capsule form or as a liquid extract.
  10. Green tea can be healthy for your plants too, add some to your water and watch your plants blossom!

While green tea isn’t a cure-all for all of your health woes, adding some to your diet could help you become healthier. Let me go brew my cup real quick before I finish the rest here!

What’s your take on the health benefits of green tea? Have anything else you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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Book Review : Quotations & Stories: Thoughts By Pranita

It is an admirable book. If you apply the principles mentioned in the book, you should be seeing a measurable change in your life. The book lays emphasis on modern techniques for tackling life’s problems. But it should not be mistaken that the book is for kids. The author is a motivator and the book can be helpful for all age peoples.

Laws of life are explained & story reference is paid to support the laws. It is a must read if you are a fan of self-help literature.

The book is value for the money.

It’s not just a book, but the book which restores your optimism in your life, so that you can propel to lead your life in an utmost feeling of positivity.

I have read a lot of books. This book gives you calmness of mind and fills you with faith in yourself, positivity and new energy. Its simple language is easy to understand and I read it whenever I feel depressed. Then I immediately feel very positive. Must buy.

About Pranita

PRANITA Deshpande is Writer, Mother, and Psychologist from Latur, India.

Pranita currently located in Pune.
Pranita Deshpande is writing since 10 years. Her three books are running sucessfully these are




She has written so many articles on mind power like worries, stress, anger. She has written some text on spiritual energy, spiritual healing. Her life is full of adventure, troubles and difficulties, she learn more from her life. She thinks that to maintain positive atitude in our life we Should have to go closer to god.

You can contact her via verious SM.

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