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Love is coffee with a book (A Poem)

My soul is craving for coffee, my heart yearns to read

Our happiness and sadness – Love a book and coffee

When we dive, when we read, let them engage

For today, I just have to listen and learn

Come now, and give your plea

You ask what I want,

Mocha, Latte, or Expresso

I take cold coffee,

Caramelized honey melting eyes,

Burns like a whiskey

My stealthy heart went down

Here, come, I read with you

Your hot idea, your warm smile

Hand in hand, read with you.

The sun’s rays are shining out,

Sizzling Double Shot of Coffee

Emotions flare up, rising tide,

Inside like a furious volcano inside

Come on, I lie down with you

In the warm embrace of books

Hide in your thoughts

And capture those moments with excitement

Express romance, read romance

My touch is soothing

Like Iced Cappuccino

You shake my face

With a spoon of love

Wish it’s cold,

Napkin folds,

So many stories remain untold

The moon has closed in the night of glass.

Trees are not more than dark designs on the grass.

Music mood swings like flowers.

A smell of coffee validates hours.

One wonders how books can embrace.

After all, time leaves too little space.

The shortest whisper of only one word,

Old friends know that emotions have been heard.

Eyes closed on his nose

The cognition of the divine yet beauty

Look with both hands for eyes

Burns of love like the smoke of smoke

Like the evening after sunset

Eyes twilight

First of all, sip in creamy foam, not contrary

It’s lonely, your plea, I read

I fill half, you urge, I read

I pour full, you drink all, I read

If it’s empty, my coffee, my book, I read

Our body remains untouched

The door of my heart

The sun does not have

When will you stir

And heat it

Like expresso

With a shot of espresso

And a heap of books


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