Book Review – Silver Hair Sins By Saumick Pal


This is the modern style of writing a novel with easy to understand and native words. The story is so well written that it can bind any reader. Silver Hair Sins are one of India’s first visual-fiction, with more than half of the thriller narrated by cinematized photographs.
It is set in the future, at a time when the religio-politico divide reaches its tipping point, and technology steps in to save humanity. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) merges All Religions to create One God AI.
This is by Far the best Sci.Fi. Novel ever by an Indian Author I have read. The language employed in description, narration, and dialogue is straightforward and simple.


This gripping story is of a family – Mary, Azad and Aasma – as they grapple to survive the dystopian world of Murder, Manipulation, Sacrifice and Love. Excellent story with very innovative and catchy ideas.

This is not the usual story you would have come across so far. When I started reading this book, I knew that there is something unique and I was not wrong.



Title: Saumick has nailed it! He has done a mind-blowing job by creating such kind of title. It carries meaning in itself. But you cannot find the meaning of the title easily without reading the full story. After reading the title any reader will want to discover the meaning of the title.


Cover: – The cover has been made by matching with the title. It’s amazing. It can easily attract readers to read the book. The cover and the title seem like something has been hidden inside them that should be discovered. The whole cover is filled with silver and black colours. There is a woman’s face in the front cover whose one side of the face is silver and the other side is black colour. Moreover, the cover has been designed very preciously.


Character:- The protagonist of the book Aasma is seen transforming from a young innocent child to a delusional adult. Flaws of characters makes them relatable to the audience.
Other characters are well developed. The emotions, confusion, and power-lust are felt by the reader.

Narration:- The book has two timelines in a linear fashion. Narration is crisp, thought-provoking and lucid.

Plot:-Fresh content. Well researched one. A reader needs to read – pause – think – read. Dystopian world, technology, and human nature of character are strongly binding the storyline.

Blurb:- The Blurb portion has been written and edited well. It’s well enough to brief the story. You will get an idea from the blurb portion what’s going to happen inside the book but if you want to gain the full idea of the story you have to read the book.

Storyline: – Author Saumick Pal has done a great job by creating such kind of story. The story revolves around Akbar, Meera, before shifting to Azad, Aasma and Mary. What do they go through has been beautifully captured in this gripping novel which would keep you guessing till the end. The evolution of human life and how it gets integrated into technology in the future has been portrayed in minute detail in this novel. The Book starts with the explanations of The One Silver Program and how the so-called master will execute the mission of changing the humanity’s history and future by representing AI as the one true system for the people to get repentance of their extreme right or leftist traits that had been guiding their entire life.

What makes it Amazing?

This is one of India’s first visual-fiction. The photographs that were used to narrate the story are mind-blowing. Some were artist rendition and some were file photo. I seriously wonder as to how these pictures were conceptualized for the fact that they very much complement the story which was set to happen in the 22nd and 23rd century.

A must-read book for dystopian/ thriller/sci-fi lovers.

About the author: Saumick Pal, is an engineer and a visionary. He has been working for 13 years in myriad fields and is also a mentor to the youth of the country. He has also worked as a scriptwriter.

video teaser of Silver Hair Sins.

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